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Want to Look Like This At 51? Try Spices!

The youthful lady in the pictures is Anjula Devi and people would easily take her for a woman in her thirties. In truth, she’s 51 and still looks like she could run some photo frenzy on instagram, but what is the secret of her agelessness? According to Anjula, it’s the spices. 

If you want to look like Anjula at 51, you should definitely follow her advices. She’s not just an expert chef, but also a beauty advisor as her flawless skin complexion and bouncy figure has urged many to asked her health and fitness advices. The chef says that she has never used prescription medicine, as she maintains her health using 7 spicy herbs which are essential for a good health and youthfulness.

Anjula Devi started her unofficial cooking career at the hands of her father when she was only 10 years old, and now she runs her own Indian cookery classes and catering business in UK, both aimed at promoting Indian food. If you think that a life with facilities is all you need to stay young, well she fight her away up through the carrier raising two children, taking care of her autistic sister, and yet she enjoys glossy dark hair with wrinkle free skin.

The age defying chef Anjula Devi, on the whole, says that spicy food keeps her young, but the 7 essential ingredients of her youthfulness include Cumin, Coriander, Brown Mustard Seeds, Kashmiri chillies, Turmeric, Cassia bark and Green cardamom. To get the perfect recipe out of these spices, follow on Anjula Devi on twitter and learn the amazing secrets agelessness through spicy food.




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