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She’s Too Naive to be on Youtube and People Can’t Stop Trolling About it

People say that England and America are divided by a common language, and this teenager just proved the point. Pupinia Stewart is either naive or very stupid to confuse the English currency with weight. However, her solo performance doesn’t stop there. Watch the viral video that has been viewed over 18 million times and wait for the punch line.

The Barbie-like cute looking girl has set the records of naivety. Her latest Facebook video post has gone viral over the internet with over 18 million views, and likewise on other video portals. Pupinia was asking an online friend about the price of a particular video game. Living in England, he gave her the price in pounds. Then at one instance she says ‘I speak fluent American,’ and the next she mixes up English currency with the measuring unit of weight.

Unfortunately, she takes the riddle too far as she tries to explain that perhaps that’s because England is closer to the Sun. This is definitely not a case of ‘Lost in Translation.’ Too say anything more; we don’t want to spoil the fun, you must watch the viral clip yourself.

Pupinia Stewart, who just turned 17, is a natural when it comes to playing dumb and this is not the only video that kept people laughing out loud. She has uploaded many other videos with ironic titles like Does Australia Exist, I hate Minions and We are Running Out of Gravity. Her YouTube Account entitled Our Third Eye is such a collection of mind-killer episodes that you are going to laugh your guts out.

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