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Is This the Sign of End of the Times?

Clouds are beautiful, but sometimes they can get extremely out of their character, by showing rare sights. Together with sunlight, they show amazing colors and combinations that continue to impress us. They say every dark cloud has a silver lining, this white cloud, has one too many.

When sky put on show an unprecedented exhibition, people couldn’t help prediction strange theories out of these footages, shot in Escazu Costa Rica. Some even thought that it is the sign of the end of the times or a sign from God. Whatever the truth may be, we all agree that we have never seen something like this. The 44 sec clip discloses an intricate layer of a cloud above another one, which forms an eye-like shape.

Is this a hell gate or the Eye of the Dark Lord from Lord of the Rings? People had their opinion, I think it’s wonderful. Please comment in the section below and tell us what do you think?

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