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They Made a Scale Solar System with a Marble Centered as Earth

The solar system models shown in our textbooks are an inaccurate representation of their actually scale, way off in their measurements. So basically they are colored illustrations that are shown to us just to give us an idea. However, it is not good enough for the two filmmakers who have created a very accurate scale model of the solar system.

Alex Gorosh and Wylie Overstreet are enthusiast filmmakers, who have decided to make an accurate model of our solar system, with a precise representation of the sun, all the planets and the distance between them. They started the structure with a small blue marble to represent Earth, as to set a standard of the scale around which the entire solar system was going to be based. Science geeks would know that even with a nail-sized object like marble, we would need a vast area to represent the distance between the planets accurately. It was a challenge, but they did it.

They wisely chose the open venue of Nevada’s Black Rock plateau. In practice, the orbit of the Earth (the small marble) alone encompassed a huge area of 7 square miles, let pluto’s measurements alone. If you are still curious to know, browse Gorosh‘s and Overstreet‘s respective sites, and don’t forget to watch the behind the scene coverage as well. We completely appreciate their efforts and admire their love for science. If you think it’s an easy task, watch the video and think again.


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