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Take a seat in Studio 8H and experience Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s #SNL40 Cold Open like never before — in interactive 360°.

Posted by Saturday Night Live on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Facebook Unleashes Interactive 360 Video Capability

Facebook has finally unveiled its interactive 360 video feature. The technology is not so nascent as YouTube had already introduced the feature, but the biggest social media website presents it in a whole lot cooler way. Interactive 360 playback experience has never been better.

Last year’s acquisition of Oculus-VR by Facebook caused some torpor among the think-tanks around the world, but now with interactive 360 video feature already in store, things are starting to make more sense. The awesome user-controlled videos allow users to rotate the view of the video in real time. They appear like just any other video, until users click on the playback screen and drag the mouse, magically the angle of the camera also changes with it, much similar to the function you have already seen in Google Street View.

The tech uses multiple cameras and the resultant arrays of clips are joined together with the help of a software. The end-result is a live 360-degree panorama, that you can navigate on every frame of the video. Interactive 360 videos are a fine mix between games and movies. The boundary between reality and virtuality is getting thinner every day, so much so that watching a video once is not going to cut it off and you have to repeat the same clip over and over again to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Among the list of other available interactive 360 videos, dirt bike freeriders carving up the dunes in Idaho, DiscoveryLeBron James, Star Wars video and VICE are the kick-starters. You can currently watch them on desktop browsers and Android smartphones only, while iOS will be joining soon, moreover, Safari and Internet Explorer are also not supported yet.

Watch the Saturday Nights Live video in 360 and enjoy!

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