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Watch Scary Vertigo Bridge Sending Tourist into Cold Sweat

China’s new glass-bottom suspension bridge has become a source of excitement and adrenaline rush for tourists, as they try to traverse the daring walkway. It amazingly hangs 600ft above the ground and is see-through all around it, even the floor. The video shows the reaction of different visitors as they walked on the bridge.

The new glass-bottomed suspension bridge was recently opened and is situated at Shiniuzhai Geopark in Hunan, central China. It now holds the record of the world’s longest glass-bottomed path with an incredible length of 984ft long, while the bridge itself suspense about 590 feet above the ground.

The glass-bottom bridge, which links two peaks of Stone Buddha Mountain, was previously made up of wood and acquires its newest looks after hard work of 11 engineers who had their hands in transforming it. The latest images show how tourist can’t help themselves getting scared of height; it is a true vertigo experience. Watch the video

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