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Giant sinkhold at Rainbow Beach

Football Field Sized Sinkhole Swallowed Cars and Caravans as People Ran to Save their Lives

A giant beach sinkhole nearly the size of a football field suddenly appeared at Queensland’s Rainbow Beach and swallowed cars and caravans parked in its vicinity. The football field sized sinkhole developed so fast that people ran for their lives while some of the vehicles couldn’t survive. The incident took place on the night of 26th September, when people were enjoying holiday vacations.

Campers were enjoying their holidays at MV Beagle Campground, Inskip Point situated on Queensland’s Rainbow Beach, when suddenly Earth opened its mouth and began to engulf everything in its range. What’s really horrifying about the incident is that it grew at an incredibly fast rate, forcing the holiday-makers to run for their lives, leaving their vehicles behind. Within 30 minutes, the hole had developed into a football field sized abyss as onlookers watched in terror.

Although, everyone escaped the ground breaking below their feet, multiple cars and caravans became victims of the natural calamity as they disappeared into the sinkhole. Approximately 140 people were evacuated from the site, including schoolchildren.

According to the witnesses, the giant sinkhole was growing very fast and campers were screaming and scrambling to save their lives. Some people were sleeping and were awakened as the ground roared with scary noises.

The sinkhole is a natural phenomenon and there have been many incidences. However, the latest example truly raises concern because it unusually expanded very fast and could be an indicator of fiercer outcomes in the future.


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