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The Angry Birds Movie Official Teaser Released!

Rovio Game Studio has teased official of The Angry Birds Movie, centering Red as the lead character. The animation movie revolves around an island that is populated with birds and apart from Red, it also closely outlines lifestyle and problems of other famous game characters.

Red, with the voice of Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses), is not happy with his life and is facing anger management issues. Speedy Chuck is played by Josh Gad (Frozen) while volatile Bomb will be voiced by Danny McBride (This is the End). As the story takes roll towards the classic game plot, pigs finally appear on the scene and, of course, they are all speaking.

The teaser video only previews piggies arriving the island on a ship and though they seemingly have no ill intentions, but we already know from the game what’s going to happen next. The game enthusiasts are most excited about is how the twist is going to carry out and what will be the end of the movie. Nothing can be said for sure now, but go ahead watch the teaser video and be our guest to take a guess.

The Angry Birds Movie is due to arrive on May 20th next year, until then, keep playing the game.


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