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The World's Sexiest Policewomen
The World's Sexiest Policewomen

Meet the Sexiest Policewomen in the World

Former Maxim model Kim Miso joined Korean police force to become the world’s sexiest policewomen. The 25-year-old bombshell had appeared in many cover photos of Maxim Korea and now she has decided to become more lethal not by only her looks but authority as well.

Kim Miso left her beauty queen career behind to recruit to South Korean police. She recently posted a selfie on Instagram wearing her new police uniform. The former bikini clad is being dubbed as ‘the most beautiful policewomen’ and ‘the sexiest policewomen in the world,’ and became an internet sensation after her photo was shared and reposted countless times over across the social media channels.

The news of her recruitment in the Korean police has also been confirmed by the South Korea’s Central Police Academy, from where she got her training and is currently paying her services as police officer at Seoul. Bearing a body to look at and killer face of a Barbie, Kim might actually turn out to be the ultimate crime-fighting machine or is that true?

If she has the guts and tricks like the bounty hunter Domino, she could actually do very well.


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