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The man with longest fingernails in the world

World’s Longest Fingernails to Become a Museum’s Decoration

Shridhar Chillal holds the record of world’s longest fingernails and he has decided to donate them to a museum. The 78-year-old hasn’t cut his fingernails of his left hand since 1952 and his thumbnails are the longest fingernail ever grown by a human, measuring at two meters.

Shridhar was 16 when he hit upon the crazy idea and embarked on the lifelong mission to grow the world’s longest fingernails. 62 years elapsed and now he proudly holds the Guinness Record in the category of the ‘Longest Fingernails on a Single Hand Ever,’ which is going to be featured in the book’s 2016 edition. The cumulative length of his talons have reached an incredible length of 909.6cm, where his  thumbnail measures the longest at 2m, while his middle finger is second at 186.6cm.

However, as most of you can imagine, his journey wasn’t easy. Back in 1952 Shridhar Chillal was just a school boy, his boy faced resistance from school teachers, family and everybody he knew. He envisaged a tough time dating girls and finding one to settle down with, as 10-12 offers were turned down due to his ‘dirty habits.’ He did get married at 2, but continued his ambition after all.

After getting recognized by Guinness World Records, he has finally decided to preserve his legacy in the care of a museum. However, he hasn’t revealed the date and time. Shridhar says that at the age of 78 he is now too old to maintain his assets, as his superlong fingernails have become fragile. Nonetheless, the man with the longest fingernails in the world is happy that he achieved his goal despite all the odds.


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