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Killer Whale Catapults a Seal 60ft in the Air

You have seen Killer Whales perform amazing stunts and air jumping tricks during water park shows, but did you also knew that they are the most vicious animals of the sea? Seemingly harmless and funny faced killer whales are fiercer killer even than the great white shark.

Killer Whales or Orcas use a variety of tactics to round up their prey and throwing this seal 60ft in the air to make is disabled by the impact of the falling down on water is an unseen one. This killer whale just re-invented the hunt like never before.

Known to us by their human-friendly name, Orcas aren’t always as gentle as they appear. When a group of Killer Whales caught this seal, they began to play with it non-stop for 4 hours, tossing the poor seal in the air up to 60ft.

Scientists think this behavior is a kind of training session to practice more challenging hunts in the open oceans. You is brutal, but Killer Whales cannot be blamed for it because it’s how nature has created them. Watch the video!

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