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Did You know Facebook Can Do Tinder As Well? A Simple Glitch in the Social Network Help these Two find their True Love

It’s amazing how random people bump into each other and later realize that circumstances couldn’t be more providential to them. Read the story of Schuyler Benson and Celeste Zendler, who didn’t plan on marrying each other, how could they? They were miles apart and didn’t know the other exists. Thanks to a simple Facebook glitch for letting them find their perfect soul-mate.

6 years ago, Benson, who lived in South Arkansas at that time, logged into his Facebook account using his flip-phone, but due to a Facebook glitch on the loose those days, he got logged into the account of a woman. She was a total stranger to him, so he tried to log out but he couldn’t. Who was this woman and why he’s stuck on her?


Her name was Celeste Zendler, she lived Boulder, Colorado and like Benson got into her account, Facebook kept her logging into his. Her friends eventually told her that it was a Facebook glitch. Different worlds, same problem and they didn’t know but destiny was onto them. After all efforts in vain, they tried one last thing they had been trying to avoid… send a friendship request.

It was initiated by Zendler, the tricked worked and Benson was able to log out of her account. “She’s admitted that she intended to delete me a few days later, but it turns out we had a lot in common,” he continued. Anyway, this commonness brought them closer and after years of messaging, they decided to meet after 4 years in June 2013. And it was all they were unknowingly waiting for.


Now things were on fast track. In the fall of the same year, Zendler moved from Colorado to be with Benson in Arkansas. One year later, they got engaged moved to South Carolina and last June 21, the Facebook glitch finally paid off as Schuyler Benson and Celeste Zendler were finally tied together in the bond of married.

Wow, who knew Facebook could do Tinder too.

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