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Watch the Enormous Snake Pull Out a Catfish Out of the Water

Nature is wild and cruel, governed by laws of eat or get eaten. There’s no way out of this, an animal can either but a hunter or a prey. Snakes are one of the most fiercest predators of wildlife, they have developed unparalleled maneuvers to catch and kill their prey.

Usually, all the predators hunt in their dominion, but this snake seems to have forgotten its boundaries. The viral video shows a snake pulling out a large Catfish out of the water. If you think the Catfish is too large for a creature without limbs, you certainly having been paying attention to animal videos in YouTube where anacondas have been observed to eat deer and even small alligators.

The video didn’t show what happened in the end. On the tilted and hard to grip slope of rocks where he was attached how is he going to manage to swallow the Catfish? Did it happen or did the fish got loose? Unfortunately, the short video couldn’t curb down our suspicions.¬†Still, it isn’t a usual caught-on-cam clip. So what the video and tell us what you think happened.

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