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Ohio-based Bada Bing’s Sign Post Goes Viral

A very welcoming sign was hung on the door of a small town pizza shop, which goes by the name of Bada Bing. The sign read a message that instantly made it a viral hit.

The pizzeria announced that they will be closed on Thanksgiving, but ““If you are hungry or don’t have any money, please come in. We will welcome you and make sure you get plenty to eat.”

The owner of the restaurant, Jason Hague, didn’t realize it is going to be talked about around the world. Since it was shared on Facebook by Upworthy, the post has been shared over 2.8k times.

Bada Bing! Pizzeria — in Springfield, Ohio — has been actively participating in communal services, and on this Thanksgiving, Hague had the most amazing idea ever.

Hague said that he has received emails from US, UK and even from as far as Australia, in which people has commended his efforts and offered a hand of help in the mission.

People like Hague are rarity, so when such a phenomenon comes to public view, they immediately take it up and pass it along. Respect!

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