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100X faster than wifi: Lifi to hit markets Within 3 years

The latest ‘wireless internet technology’ is claimed to have 100 times faster deliverance than traditional WiFi networks.

This newborn technology is called LiFi, and was demonstrated by an Estonian start-up called Velmenni.

LiFi is capable of sending data at much faster rates, nearly 1GBps, viz 100 times faster than most current Wi-Fi systems.

When the technology is finally deployed, gigabytes of data would be downloaded in the matter of seconds, and internet speed will be limited only by copying speed of your processor.

The Lifi technology uses Visible Light Communication (VLC) as a mean of data transmission. The tech has been around for years.

Professor Harald Haas, from the University of Edinburgh, first discovered it as a potential replacement for traditional networking and coined the term LiFi in 2011. If it had been there, why has it not been considered before?
The technology does have one major limitation — because it relies on visible light to work, it can’t pass through walls.

On the brighter side, this not only makes the network much more secure, but also incredibly fast as well.

Now Lifi is gathering momentum again. Deepak Solanki, CEO of Velmenni claims that the technology could be available in stores within the next three to four years.


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