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Black Friday: Shopping Spree Turns into a Stampede

Black Friday is what we all know as a kind of “shopping holiday” and serves us all a perfect opportunity to take benefits from subsidies on many items provided by different shopping malls and online stores.

The term Black Friday was coined sometime in the 1950s. Back then, Black Friday was day that followed the Thanksgiving because after Thanksgiving, workers who were supposed to return to their offices made excuses (like being sick or somebody died) to stay at home.

This trend was so dominant that employers had to make it official so people could get an extra holiday after Thanksgiving. As the word went out, stores and malls surrounding those corporate places took advantage of the opportunity and began to provide deals on various products.

In time, rest of the world followed and today we have this!

The video shows that the 21st century Black Friday is more like a horrible stampede, where stealing from kids, fighting over an item is a common scenario and that is exactly what we have on tape today. Watch and learn… be there or be square.

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