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Real-Life Mad Max VW Beetle is Here

The fictional and classic Mad Max VW Beetle has been brought to the real life. Featured in the famous Mad Max franchise, this off-roader ride is made for the hard to access terrain with a lot of firepower.

In the Mad Max movie, the vehicle was part of a convoy guard that throws off flames with fuel from barrels integrated into its structure. Someone finally took the inspiration to bring it to real-life.

The aggressive looking Mad Max VW was spotted on Imgur and became a subject of interest as commentators actively forwarded suggestions to the car maker to make it better.

A user suggested that if the tires were a little bigger, the vehicle could even ride upside down, while another made the correction that if the vehicle was driven that way, it could damage the engine, as the oil would back flow into parts it shouldn’t be.

For what it’s worth, but the fact that it is real, tells us that there are amazing people out there doing amazing things.

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