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Paige Yore | Facebook

Women’s Shopping Story about a Young Man Goes Viral

This woman’s terrible Walmart shopping experience is beginning has taken a viral heat. Paige Yore shared her experience in a Facebook video which has been watched over 22M times!

In the viral video which has been self-recorded in a car, Page says that she after waiting nearly 20 minutes in a line she saw a young cashier having a hard time.

She saw a women standing on the counter, yelling at that young man, telling him that he sucks at customer service.

Paige tried helping the woman bag her groceries so that she could get her out of the store.

Paige thought the man was having a bad day and she turned out to be right. As the story unfolded, heartbreaking story of the youngman came out crying.

The cashier told Paige that his mother had died that morning in a suicide, but he had to come to work to cope up with bills.

As the young man cried, Paige couldn’t stop her tears. She consoled him, while the female who had screamed on him stood there in penitence.

Paige gave him all the money she had on her. What this story tells is that everybody is fighting their own battle, and we should not jump to conclusions when making an opinion about someone.

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