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Beautiful! The independent Project by A Student is Amazing!

Shea Glover, a high school girl came up with the most interesting art project. She documented people’s reactions to being called beautiful. The results were incredible, reaping up nearly 9M views on YouTube.

Shea, who is a student at Chicago High School, started this independent project in May. According to the in-video captions, the task began simply as an art project to show people who she said personified “beauty.”

Glover later called a “social experiment.” The video shows many students stand in front of the camera, and Glover’s voice can be heard in the background describing that person in front of the camera is beautiful.

The reactions were in itself very beautiful and made people laugh, blush, shy, angry… all the different colors to being called beautiful.

The video has on the general, has inspired millions of people and the comment section is full of adulatory remarks, thanking Glover for showing this to the world.

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