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Convertible BMW i8 Spyder to Become Reality

All-new convertible BMW i8 Spyder is confirmedly on its way to production lines. The news was announced by the company’s new CEO, Harald Krueger.

Originally showcased back in 2012 during the Beijing Motor Show, the convertible version of BMW i8 Spyder concept came fully loaded for sale but due to some reason, the car was never sent to dealerships.

BMW i8 Spyder’s convertible concept featured removable roof panels, but it is possible that the automaker might go for an entirely new idea of how to implement the retractable roof.

As to engine configuration, current i8s carry in-line three aluminum block turbocharged

engines with 1.5-liter capacity, which is couple with two electric motors that produce a combined 357 horsepower.

The electric motors are backed by 7.1 KWh lithium-ion battery, but as the i8 line-up is entering into a whole new era of performance cars, the convertible BMW i8 might pack up greater firepower.

The new BMW i8 Spyder is scheduled for Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES during the upcoming month.

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