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UK Lingerie Football League’s Sexy Launching Video Goes Viral

NFL Lingerie football urged women footballers to wear tighter and skimpier outfits to make the female footballers more attractive and it has really worked.

But when FIFA’s Sepp Blatter tried to introduce something similar in the UK, he was faced with controversy. However, that didn’t stop things as a new women football league that is being launched in Manchester and they are sexier than ever before.

Gemma Hughes is the young founder of Lingerie Football League UK. Compared to NFL, it is not even close, but with all that skin naked to the eyes, it is still something.

The 23-year-old Gemma thinks this idea would work, but it might take a little time to take off.

We don’t know about the how far that’s gonna last, but the sexy launching video surely had a toll on the internet.

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