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This Kid Solved Rubik’s Cube in Less in 5 Seconds!

If you think you are a genius, you should definitely watch this kid do his thing with the Rubic’s cube.

Lucas Etter became the new world record holder for solving the Rubik’s Cube when he did it in just 4.9 seconds… 4.9-sec!

We have all at some point found ourselves frustrated trying to solve the puzzling logics behind the Rubik’s cube.

But even if you do know a trick or two about bringing the random colors of the Rubik’s cube back to its original shape, it takes like 10-15 minutes.

In the viral video that’s been watched over 2.5M times, you can see how Lucas moves his fingers, which at some point feels like somebody moving in the matrix.

But not sooner than your attention is diverted to his fast moving fingers, the next thing you know is that he has done the Rubic’s cube.

It’s really amazing. Lucas Etter took on the challenge at River Hill Fall 2015 in Clarksville, Maryland and made it successfully.

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