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Italian Boaters Rescued Dog In The Water

You know why this video has been viewed over 2.3M times? I mean we see animal rescue videos all the times… what’s new about it?

That’s exactly the point, we can’t just miss it.

Afterall, animals have feelings and they have will to survive. They want to live. According to famous philosopher Schopenhauer, the world is not driven by intelligence but wisdom.

So should we hunt animals? Well, if you think that the animals have a will to live a little less than you have, you should go for it.

The truth is that every living being in this world with a conscious mind wants to live and live long… die happy, not get shot.

That’s why folks when we see such a kind act happening at the hands of very few people doing it, we fall in awe.

The dog rescue video is just another example. Watch and learn to love the animals.

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