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This Pervert Gets a Good Lesson for Teasing this Women

This video is quite a bummer. Watch how the heavy lady gives this pervert guy a K.O as he tried to pinch her bum.

The viral footage has been taken from CCTV cameras near a food store in Inezgane, near Agadir in Morocco.

This video is a lesson to perverts and gives them a taste of what they deserve. Truly satisfying for all those women who have ever been a victim of such offense. .

As the video start, the ‘Hero’ women is seen towards the upper corner of the screen, wearing a green kaftan.

Next, this idiot in white coat & blue jeans passes by her and squeezes her behind. What happened next folks, is truly amazing.

The lady reacted instantly, hurling him into a pile of food bags 10 feet away. He just couldn’t get up again. Not with the same dignity.

We would have loved it more if it had audio, but as said before, it is satisfying enough.

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