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Meet the Sexy Vet Barbie Doll Who is Known as Frozen’s Elsa

This porcelain girl from Brazil looks exactly like Disney’s Frozen Elsa. Alth0ugh her looks are stunning, she admits she inadvertently scares people sometimes.

Andressa Damiani, 23, from Blumenau, Brazil, boasts similar facial features tom the princess and wears contact lenses that mimic the wide-eyed doll stare.

She became popular in her native country with passers-by on the street calling her ‘Elsa ‘ because of her facial similarities to the character in the animated mega-hit.

The vet claims that she achieves her walking-talking doll looks with minimal make-up, no dieting or exercise.

“For as long as I remember I have always looked like a doll. I hardly wear any heavy make-up on a daily basis, I don’t diet and I walk my dogs for exercise.”


Andressa had a very shyish childhood and she had no friends to speak of. Often alienated by her classmates, it wasn’t until her juvenile years that people realized her ethereal¬†beauty.

Of all the barbie dolls out there, Andressa has one credit no one them have… she is a veterinary physician!


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