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Too Busy Using Your Phone? This Can Happen to You!

The latest viral video is a fair warning to people who are lost in their mobile phones and do not see the potential threat coming their way.

Personal safety is an important matter. But your phone can get in the way of your security. We are not saying don’t use your phone, we are telling you to use it where necessary and absolutely avoid getting it out of your pocket when other things need your attention.

The viral clip with over 600k views shows how easily a man takes this girl, who is busy texting, and puts her into the trunk of his car.

She was too lost in texting that she failed to realise someone was stalking her and she paid the cost of her incompetence.

This is, of course, a dramatization of events which actually happens all the time. According to the video, parking lots and car parking zones are the most dangerous places where thugs loiter around.

Watch the full video to find out more.

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