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Meteor? UFO? Explained Fireball Dazzled Californian and Nevadans

The Tuesday night that passed baffled hundreds of people in California and Nevada and an Unidentified Flying Objected passed through the sky. According to the reports, there was not just one but 3 UFOs.

Amazed by what they witnessed people grabbed their cameras and started recording the video. Twitter has been overwhelmed the mystery of the fireball that flew through Californian skies.

Some believe that the fireball could be a shooting star from the Geminid meteor shower because that was expected to happen that night. But sourced confirmed that no meteor was recorded.

According to BuzzFeed, aviation and weather officials have also concluded that fireball was not an aircraft.

Later, Julie Ziegenhorn, a spokeswoman with U.S. Strategic Command, told NBC News that the “streaking fireball” was Russian space debris.

But we know government propagandas, something is fishy.

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