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Something Weird is Going on Martian Surface

Science has advanced so much but what the news on our closest neighbour in the Solar System, Mars? We keep hitting new things and we don’t have an explanation.

Mars is full of mysteries, we have sent rovers and it is under the Lens of astronauts round the year, but uncertain phenomena crop up every once in a while.

The latest photographs that are getting everyone’s attention is actually a portion of Google’s Mars program, which shows something we have never seen before.

Amateur used Google’s Mars software and noticed that something on the Martian surface is out of place. We will give you the picture, try to spot what’s wrong in this it?

mars sliding rocks trails (2)

Still didn’t get it? Note the stones and their trails. If there are trails, it means they have been moved. How could that have happened?

According to controversy theorists, they did not slid by themselves, some force or somebody did move them. Even if we agree to that, then the question arises, WHO? Cause nobody lives on mars, it is completely lifeless.

Or is it?

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