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Shape Changing UFO Spotted in China

Man we are tired of watching UFOs flying by, it’s time for them to land and talk to us. But that, is not going to happen anytime soon.

Real or not, the saving grace of yet unconfirmed alien race hovering Earth is they have not attacked us… well, not yet, minus abduction claims.

Morphing UFO in China (4)

In the latest viral news about UFO, thousands were baffled after spotting a glittering and shape morning object in the sky.

Some thought it was a military test, others claim it was a UFO. However, none of the description fits what people have seen, because it changed shapes!

Morphing UFO in China (2)

The morphing object appeared above western China in cities such as Xinjiang, Qinghai, and Gansu, according to local media.

The sightings of UFO has rocked Chinese social media sites and caused a great panic. People should not get things like these on their nerves, they happen all the times.

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