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China Official Ends the Restriction of Having Just One Child

China has officially ended its one-child policy, a new bill has been signed off which will allow all married couples to have a second child.

This is a big change in China. The considerations on the action began in October by the ruling Communist Party, and now since the bill has been signed, it will be promulgated from January 2016.

The year 2016 bring happy tidings to Married couples in China in the shape of new bill to extand one-child-policy to two-child-policy.

The one-child-policy was enforced in the late 1970s, after government decided that it was the only solution to control the inflation, as a result over 400 million births had been aborted.

The code of birth rate had been followed strictly, whereby violators were fined and pregnant women were forced abort their 2nd offsprings.

According to the critics, the two-child policy would not solve the problem of forced abortions, involuntary sterilisations and crippling financial penalties.

However, this little flexibility in the law would bring great happiness in the Chinese neighborhoods, where people feel their streets are barren due to less number of children.

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