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Trina Merry’s Body Painted Humans are something to try-to Look At

Art is not a talent or hobby, it’s a way to express and connect your feelings with the universe. The truth is most people do not understand their feelings, so they do not how to talk to nature.

So art is not a skill, but the real skill is having the will and determination to express yourself outline, without make sound, using just a paint brush.

New Yorker Trina Merry has expert skills in this regard. While most people can’t even paint on plain canvas, she has turned human beings into her canvas.

She body painted various individuals to camouflage them into the natural background and she did it with so much detail that the entire picture feels like one piece.

Inspired by the likes of Marina Abramović and Amanda Palmer, Merry captures the power of natural beauty with human presence.

To check out Trina Merry’s additional sample art, visit her website, her on Facebook or her Instagram gallery.


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