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Clarisse Lafleur: The 18-year-old ‘Rich Kid of Instagram’ Lives like a Queen

Instagram has become a war zone for rich, where billionaires and their kids boast the extravagances of their wealth.

Clarisse Lafleur is an 18-year-old instagramer and she is studying business at the university on the Gold Coast, but that isn’t why she is famous, and yes, she is famous.

Clarisse is a Caledonian teenager who spends holidays on a super yacht and flies privately. Her single tour during her shopping sprees costs more than most can earn in a year.

All the dresses in her extensive wardrobe are designer wear and Clarisse admits that she feels shame speaking about her spendings on cloths. This is nothing but a clue for piles of dollars that it takes.

Her grandfather used to be the president of New Caledonia, but it is the courtesy of generous father, who is a businessman, that she is able to live the extravagant lifestyle.

Clarisse is planning to carry on the niche of her father and extend its shoots to the world of fashion as well.

If you want to learn about Clarrise Lafleur, words are not enough, learn through photos.

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