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UFO disappears into a Vortex Warping Clouds around it

This amazing clip shows a UFO hovering above the Large Hadron Collider situated at Geneva, Switzerland.

The eerie records towards the end of its show when it is about to disappear, but does so in a strage way, forming into a vortex before disappearing into a strange whirpool.

The unidentified object started to swirl, it warped the surrounding clouds as well. Within seconds, the UFO is gone without leaving a trace.

The UFO seemed to be situated at a point in a sky directly above nuclear research tunnels. After observing closely, one can clearly see a spot of bright light.

Commentators have presented various in and against theories about the video, where pro-alien people think it is something from other dimension, critics say it is CGI.

Large Hadron Collider is world’s biggest research lab, which accelerates particles (atoms) to near the the speed of light and smashes them with each other to observe subatomic particles.

The 27-km circular tunnel is situated 100 meters below the ground.

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