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Aliens Won’t Die Easy: Here Comes Another Roswell Witness

A former military person has broken the silence about Roswell incident, which is being reported as a first. The soldier, who wishes to remain anonymous confessed that there was, in fact, mass UFO sightings.

The ex-soldier from US military is speaking out about the famous flying saucer case that occurred in the deserts near Roswell.

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It didn’t happen in a short breath, and continued for 5-hours. The said army veteran described that in July 1971 he was in the US Army Air Defence Unit, stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas.

During his stay in the For Bliss, they were sent on “military manoeuvres” in the New Mexico desert, west of Roswell.

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In details, he elaborated that a UFO had crashed and bodies had been recovered from it. While they were on clean sweep mission to remove the evidence, UFOs hovered above them all night long.

44 years have passed, nothing solid ever came out of it. According to latest military witness, he along with 500 other military men saw the UFO in the New Mexico desert, but he never explained why didn’t he came forward before.

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MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), which is the world’s officially recognised organization for recording such sightings are investigating his case.

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