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Mystery Well-wisher left this Waitress Jumping with Joy

A mystery man left a surprise tip for the waitress, a surprise so huge that she couldn’t help it jump with joy.

She couldn’t have seen it coming, not on the New Year’s Eve particularly. How often does a Waitress find so much money for her services?

Being waitress is a hard job, and it gets really pressing during special occasions like the new year, when all the people are celebrating the event having fun with their friends and family, while you are stuck working part time.

How and why did the anonymous person choose this particular girl? Perhaps, it is the dreary expression with which she arrives at the table to collect the bill, which must have been wearing the whole time that made her the perfect candidate.

The clip was actually published back in 2013 on YouTube, but after being reinstated on imagegur, it has been brought up again.

Thanks to this man, he let us see her reactions, which are… well, better watch yourself.

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