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What the Customer Services Offer Said to this Women Brought Her to Tears

We all know how painful it is to return something back to a store, it really takes patience and still turns out to be a disappointment sometimes.

So those of you who have bad experiences with returning items, learn the story of Kelly blue and you are not going to digest it very easily.

Kelly Blue Kinkel wanted a coat returned. She had ordered it before Christmas so she called Zulily customer service for the purpose.

So a guy named Patrick greeted her, and she explained her case, but instead of telling her the instructions on how to return it, he told her to give it away to somebody who needs it.

Here is the response that Kelly got, in her own words, ‘Please don’t send it back. If you know someone who needs a winter coat or if you would like to donate it to a charity, that would make us very happy.’

It is really unbelievable, but it is true. Kelly thought he was joking and took a moment to assimilate that he wasn’t.

Posting about this, she was hopeful that it would go viral and it did with over 53K shares.

I sincerely hope this post goes viral, because I just hung up from one of the best customer service experiences of my…

Posted by Kelly Blue Kinkel on Monday, January 4, 2016

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