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10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer is Finally Out

We absolutely loved the original ‘Cloverfield’ movie, which was about giant creatures suddenly showing up in a populated city.

Recorded from the eye of a handy came, the Cloverfield was a unique box-office hit that many other tried to clone in a failed attempt. Even the new Godzilla movie tried to take some bits out, but never really made a hit.

Now the action-packed alien movie is coming back with a sequel, “10 Cloverfield Lane.” The trailer doesn’t really gives us a deep glimpse into the ‘creatures’ but it shows us how a group of three people trying to hide from them, in a closed containment.

Plot goes something like this: After waking up from a car accident, a young woman finds herself in the basement of a savior, who claims that the outside world is no longer inhabitable.

He is probably right, watch the trailer to find out.

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