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***Update 1/7*** I have contacted authorities in Middletown Ohio in regards to this video, they said because the dog did...

Posted by Briana Aguon on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Would You Let your Children Play with Dog when it Does this?

This facebook video has created a huge debate over whether you should or should not let your children play with a dog.

The alarming video really pushes the boundaries and prompts you to re-think if you can trust your children with your dog.

The viral video shows a dog growling angrily as a girl plays with her. It gets so intense you feel like jumping out of your seat at any instance.

However, it is not fully confirmed that the behavior of the dog was threatening, as opinions rush in, even experts have conflicting arguments.

Some do think that dogs can show such behavior even in happiness, and doesn’t necessarily mean that it is threatning you.

With over 89k shares and 6M views, the women who owns the account had to update her status to keep the freaks out.

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