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Underboob Pen Challenge Takes the Internet by Storm

Young women has said yes to the underboob challenge to prove girl power. The challenge, stick a pen under your boobs, if it hold, you are sexy, not to mention, you must show the underboob.

Arrays of photos sexy images have appeared on the internet showing, under their breasts on social media.

So basically, the idea is that to be a real woman, you need to be heavy on your chests, which should be soft and suddle enough to hold a pen in the cleavage of the underboob.

Girls cannot resist it, they are displaying some serious underboob skin in the process.

In other words, it’s not about talented girls, but “talented bosoms,” and the best of them can hold pens, pencils, makeup brushes and even flowers.

The rauchy pics are usually followed by the caption: “pass the challenge to prove you’re a true woman”

Here’s the full gallery.

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