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True or Fake? This Snowboarder Spotted a Cigar-Shaped UFO

This snowboarder captured a cigar-shaped UFO in the sky on his Go Pro. The picture soon gets viral as UFO enthusiasts spice it up.

YouTuber Shreds1620 was GoPro-ing himself with the help of a selfie stick as he snowboarded down a mountain.

In the beginning of the viral video, the snowboarder stops and manoeuvres showing the large selfie-stick and then this motionless cigar-like thing shows up in the sky.

The video was originally filmed in 2013, but the snowboarder didn’t bring it to our notice until the UFO was highlighted by an alien sighting channel Secure Team 10.

In their own words…

“I cannot think of an explanation where you would have a very odd cigar-shaped object come out of nowhere and simply sit in the sky like that. I see no human ultility for such an object, airplane banners do not stop and sit in the sky, nor do ballons. What we have here is a genuine, unidentified unlikely craft of some sort, and I’m not leaning to the human side of manufacturing of this craft.”

So there have been thousands of claims and theories before, let’s see how far will this one get us.

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