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Is something Sucking Out the Plasma from Our Sun?

UFO hunters has highlighted a strange orb captured hovering above the sun’s surface by NASA’s helioviewer.

The viral footage show a perfectly spherical object hovering on the sun’s horizon and conspiracy theorist’s claim that the same object was previously captured with a huge cord attachment that seemed to be sucking plasma out of the sun.

The video also shows the previous footage, in which a spherical object silhuette can be easily seen along with its attachment that probes into the sun somewhat like mosquito’s sucker.

Alien theorist claim that the object is sucking rays from the earth’s primary energy source.The background voice is of Secure Team 10 member, Tyler Glockner who also runs the networks YouTube channel.

Scaling down to the numbers, the mysterious orb is speculated to be 100 times times the size of earth attaching itself to the sun before flying off.

Watch the video for more details.

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