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Google Denies Tempering Search Results for Convservatives

Google search engine is an state of the art AI with neural network and everything. It can predict, suggest and even dream.

But according to the recent accusation, Google is not showing suggestion for the tories, while predictions and suggestions for other major parties are there.

Google has denied censoring search results for the Tories, despite autocomplete results for the party coming up blank.

The Tech Titan’s searches pops suggestions for all the other major political parties, however when you search for phrases like “Conservatives are” or “Tories are” nothing shows up.

Furthermore, inquiries including “Labour are” see suggested searches including “…finished”, “a joke” and “right wing”. It’s also been pointed out that “Lib Dems are” autocomplete with “…pointless” and “traitors.”

Based on these findings, Google is being called a “monolithic search corporation” but according to the internet company, the algorithm are automatically weeding out “offensive” search terms from its results.

Chancellor George Osborne made a the deal, under which Google paid just £130M for 10 year swhile its annual margin is over £4B.

Tories are denying any form of party contact with Google.

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