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Cute Terrier Performing Yoga on Mat is just Hilarious

This Australian Terrier named Judy is not an ordinary dog… it is a “Yoga Dog” and you’d be impressed by its “doga” moves in this viral video.

Judy is the first of its kind to introduce the term doga, which means dog yoga. If you do yoga, you’d be impressed by her yoga skills.

The viral clip shows little Judy performing twist and stretch pooches in a series of incredible yoga techniques.

Judy has proven that dogs don’t need any help when it comes to yoga and the tricky poses she manoeuvres even challenge its human companion.

The adorable dog begins with rolling the yoga mat with her nose and then lifts her hind legs in the air.

Next the yoga dog laid on her front and raised her back up several times in a harmonic motion. The short already has over 37k views on YouTube.

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