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Roger: The Buff Kangaroo is Back and He’s Been Pumping

Roger the kangaroo has made a fantastic return to the blogosphere, as he posed and flexed his biceps to the camera.

The 89-kg red kangaroo stands over 2 meters tall, which is above average but it is his muscular shape made him famous over the internet.

Roger lives like a king at The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Northern Territory. The notorious kangaroo is known for his bulging biceps and veins popping out of his immensely sculpted forearms.

If you don’t know the original story behind the buff, in 2006, Roger was discovered along the roadside beside his dead mother. The poor kangaroo, then just a baby, had nowhere to go.

Roger as a baby (2006)
Roger as a baby (2006)

But those are behind him and Roger has come a long way since then. His latest photo-feed was uploaded across the sanctuary’s social media accounts on Friday.

Roger has always been a great attraction to the visitors in the The Kangaroo sanctuary and he continues to entertain his fans.

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