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This Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot Could be the Next World Record Holder

This robot is a brainchild of Jay Flatland and Paul Rose, who are hopeful that their machine will break the world record of solving Rubik’s Cube.

Both computer programers have helped design what they call “the world’s fastest Rubik’s cube solving robot.”

Well, that name is too long to say, we will just call it Rubicon. So rubicon uses webcams to analyze any given shuffled Rubik’s cube and than sorts it out with a turning platform aided by a computer algorithm.

Of course, there had to be some modifications. The squares are drilled on each side of the cube so the machine can easily interact with it.

The components of the Rubicon have been 3D printed while 4 webcams on each side of the cube are used to determine what moves need to be calculated.

Then, the data is fed into an algorithm which determines the next move. In the video they posted, the machine solved the puzzle in 1.019 seconds, which is impressive because the current world record (for a machine is 3.253 seconds, while it is 4.904 seconds for humans.

Watch Rubicon in Action!

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