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Adorable: Watch A 14-month Old Baby Go Snowboarding

14-month old Sloan Henderson has become a YouTube celebrity after his parents posted a video on YouTube, showing the cute baby boy taking on snowboarding.

At his age, most babies are struggling to toddle, but little Sloan isn’t one of them. He skipped toddling and even walking to directly snowboarding.

Just over a year old, Sloan has achieved what we couldn’t have dreamt at that age, I mean some people still feel shy hitting the slope.

All cozy in winter clothes, he gives his dad a high-five with a cheeky giggle before setting off down a small slope, building up quite some speed.

Sloan has his own YouTube channel, also in his name where this video racked up over 700,000 views.

Isn’t he one of the most coolest stunt maker?

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