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Video of Bumble Bee Waving in Gratitude Goes viral

A latest viral clip shows a bumble bee that seems to be waving in gratitude to its benefactor. The video was uploaded to the Facebook by Dylan Jermaine Trayez where it has over a million views.

According to the video description by Dylan, he had saved that bumble bee from drowning into the bucket of water in his greenhouse and placed it over a sunflower.

As he started recording the video of the bee, the tiny creature looked like he was saying thanks. In Dylan’s words, “He was very appreciative.”

The clip shows the bee clung onto the flower. Then Dylan says, “Hey bro. Yeah! You’re the man! Yeah What’s up?” Astonishingly the been responds and raises his free arm to thanks Dylan’s action… or what it looked like.

It is both lovely and unbelievable. You must watch it to believe it. It kind of leaves us in confusion, did the bee really know what it was doing?

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