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Shocking: Seagull Eats a Baby Pigeon Alive

Watch the gruesome moment as a seagull made shoppers running scared their when it attacked a baby pigeon and at the bird alive.

Passers-by were horrorrified when they saw a defenceless baby pigeon being devoured by a ruthless seagull who repeatedly attacked it devoured in its flesh.

According to the reports, some witnesses couldn’t stand the brutality of it and left the scene in awe, while other shared sympathizing comments.

One of the brave spectator had the courage to pull out his phone and film the sadning ending of the poor baby pigoen. The viral video begins with a seagul chasing and draging the bird with its sharp beak near cafe A-board.

The seagull continuously picked its beak into the back of the pigeon, tearing the flesh and eating from it. Nature can be really cruel sometimes. Would you have helped the pigeon if you were on the spot?

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