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Don’t Dare Get Close to This Huntsman Spider

The 10-second clip was originally uploaded to LiveLeak from where it has CRAWLED everywhere, as this creepy huntsman spider is scaring off everyone.

The caption of the video described that it was a huge spider, as big as the hand and it wanted to just kill and eat everything underneath… even if it is human?

This is exactly what people are talking about, did the huntsman spider took the cameraman for a dinner or was it just trying to scare him off?

Yet another point of view suggests that the terror shown in this video is fake and huntsman spider aren’t creatures so terrible.

In truth, huntsman spiders are not aggressive towards humans, but since their hiding habits forces them to hide in our stuff, constant encounter with human beings make us think they are evil. In fact, their venom is not even toxic to humans… but be careful, their bite hurts.

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