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Dog-sized Bunny is looking for a New Owner

Look at the size of this massive rabbit, you will be amazed to find out that he is only 7-month old. Defying his age, Atlas hs grown to a size of a mature dog.

The giant rabbit hails from Scotland, who is now looking for a new home and a new owner to take care of it. But before anyone shows some interest to bring him home, he must manage extra space for Atlas’ growing size, which is still to expand.

According to the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Glasgow center, the previous pet owner was no longer able to manage the huge bunny.

Anna O’Donnell, who is the manager at SSPC’s Glasgow center said that the cute rabbit may be large in size, but it is very friendly.

Atlas needs space than your average rabbit, while he is certainly too big to be a rabbit, the adults of his breed grow as much as 13 lbs.

Atlas is expected to win the top place in Guinness World Record for the planet’s biggest rabbit. The current title holder is 4 feet 4 inches long.

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